Digital signage is the use of electronic displays or screens to deliver information.

Digital signage transforms a bland setting by engaging people with colorful creative interactive presentations.

The messages are instantly displayed with seamless eye pleasing graphics and tailored to the workplace environment.

With the reliability of today’s media serving platforms, messages or graphics can be updated, changed or deleted in real-time.


Digital signage is used extensively in today’s society. In hotel lobby’s it's used to welcome visitors, show meetings and schedules. In restaurant’s it’s used for menus and the occasional digital Juke Box. In Colleges and Universities students are reminded of lectures and in shopping malls, people are directed to interactive touchscreens to find their way around.

But Digital Signage has no bounds, what you show is really only limited by what you can imagine and create.

AVSDI can design and build a signage system, to meet your signage requirements and your budget.

What is a Kiosk?

An electronic kiosk is normally a small unit with a touch friendly interface. The kiosk software allows users to obtain information from the database, but prevents users from accessing the system.

Who uses Kiosks?

Hotels and Restaurants, Bars and Fast Food, Building Signage and Education Facilities and virtually every segment of the public and private sectors.

Standard Signage

Standard Signage can be a single large monitor or several monitors displaying the same or different content.
These are often strategically placed for maximum viewing advantage.

Typical requirements

Good quality commercial grade screen
Media Playback device
Signage software
Network connectivity
Content and Design

Types of Digital Signage

We can identify four types of digital signage:

  • Static
    • The simplest example is a monitor or light box, which continually displays one rear lighted image. Next is a digital media player, capable of playing or displaying a series of still images. Basically an automated series of images, displayed in a sequence determined by a playlist. For example a PowerPoint Presentation saved as a movie file.
  • Dynamic
    • Dynamic digital signage systems offer animated texts or images. These spots range from simple to complex—from a Flash-based animation to simple video to professional produced and edited content.
  • Interactive
    • Known as The Crème de la Crème of Digital Signage. Simply put it means incorporating an interactive interface to allow customers to touch the signage, for example. Hotel lobbies using a Digital Concierge system or large building complexes with a touchscreen address system.
  • Queuing
    • More prevalent in Europe and the UK than in the USA, queuing systems keep any customer line moving quickly. Increasingly, you will find them in airports, banks, urban supermarkets, etc. Queuing digital signageefficiently directs your customers to the next available teller, checker or service rep. Such systems can be simple or complex, and some offer advertising when not directing customers.

Which system is best?

That depends on your requirements and objectives:

    Designing a Digital Signage System can be easy or complex. It can also be relatively cheap or undeniably expensive. But a system that has been designed with the client, for the client and meets the client’s needs and potential, can be advantageous in use and budget.

    There are several types of display systems available, some make use of everyday products such as tablet PC’s and iPads, some require additional infrastructure such as monitors, network connectivity etc.

    Here is where AVSDI excels, we work with our clients, listen to their requirements, and ask pertinent questions such as “how often and how will the signage be updated.” “Do you want the system setup and managed, or take on the management yourself?” We go through every detail such as server based systems, media players and other solutions.

Frequently asked questions
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STAND ALONE SYSTEMS Media players or receivers are housed in the unit, they just need power and network. (Can also be a fixed unit)

FIXED SYSTEMS Floor mount or ceiling hung. Normally hard wired and seen in medical suites.

PORTABLE SYSTEMS iPads, Tablet PC's can be utilized, or large format screens for trade shows and special events.

KIOSKS Can be stand alone or Fixed. Media players or receivers can be housed in the unit.

INTEGRATED SYSTEMS Designed and installed to stay in place. Power and signal are hard wired, the media is received from a central unit.

iPad and Tablet Signage Possibly one of the best solutions available. System functions are disabled and they are safely secured to prevent theft.


Are you ready for digital signage, but are not quite sure if it would work in your environment? AVSDI suggests a more prudent phased approach to a large Digital Signage Project, this would allow a client to determine the impact of the signage over a period of time.
For example to see if the signage benefits the Return on Investment.

Alternatively, if you feel you have done sufficient research and are keen to put that research into action, then please feel free to contact us.

Basic In Store Digital Signage

This is a simple "greeting" signage meant for a reception area of a facility.

Playlist Addition

A playlist of relevant images or videos are added so that the viewer has a variety of images and information to see.

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